Hello World! Day 2

A fellow Practitioner and major tech-person, Cliff Durfee told me about Lynda.com Blog -Tutorial. Yeah! After watching a few of the tutorials I understand much more than I did. I think Lynda.com Blog is going to make a huge difference for me. Why couldn’t WordPress explain it in this much simpler and easy to understand way?


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  1. Bruce Tall
    Apr 13, 2010 @ 08:24:02

    I think of God (or whatever you like to call It) is perfect by definition.
    It’s bigger that me. It’s bigger than what’s happening on this planet.
    Bigger than we can imagine with our human stuff.
    It’s “the underlying perfection of life” that what I call God.
    As we harmonize within ourselves (meditation) we start to be moved by an entirely different force than the world around us.
    Ultimately I believe that humanity is not going to change because we figure out a different system of government.
    This doesn’t mean that we avoid doing what we can to help feed the hungry, care for the poor and sick but I think that our greatest contribution to humanity is our awakening. We do both at the same time.
    We keep our eye on the Big picture and do what we can. And we feel good about it. The process. The unfoldment of creation.


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