As a child I was a nervous little worry-wart. My goal has always been to be calm, serene and peaceful. This has been a transformational experience that I have worked on all my life. That’s why I wrote From Here to Serenity, A Spiritual Guide to transform Your Life.

When I first moved into our home in Carlsbad 10 years ago, there were trees, shrubs and hedges. It was neat and boring. My new husband Bill had been living in his home for years and wasn’t all that interested in gardening. In fact, he wasn’t interested in gardening period. However, he did love the trees and shrubs he had painstakingly planted. We had some negotiating to do.

My goal was to make our home and garden comfortable, peaceful and serene. When I moved into our home I bought 4 rose bushes and 2 Australian Tree Ferns. I was still working full-time in Long Beach and so the progress was slow but it was sure.

Gail Manishor


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