Things I’ve Learned Along the Way


The greatest blessings in my life have come from what I thought at the time were the greatest adversities in my life. From the life threatening illness and year-long recovery of my daughter at ten years old, two disappointing marriages, and my youngest grandson who had to go through open heart surgery at the tender age of 4 months – I grew in wisdom and strength.         

My life, like everyone else’s has been a series of chapters so different that they seem like several different lives. What I have gained from it all was worth all the trauma I walked through. I’ve grown in wisdom, strength, power and  spiritually.         

I never could have seen myself as the person I’ve become. Like most women of my time, I expected to be married once and for it to last until “death do us part.” That isn’t the way it turned out. But it did turn out for the best. What I gained from these experiences is something I would never change or give up.         

Because of  above circumstances, I found a spiritual philosophy of life that transcends all that’s happened. I continue to learn and grow. I never would have pictured myself as a writer. I didn’t even know what a Licensed Practitioner was or what one had to do to become one. At the time of this writing I’ve been a Licensed Practitioner for 14 years. I serve at the Seaside Center for Spiritual Living in Encinitas, California.    

 I’ve found this path is a beautiful way to live. It is one of the major blessings of my life. I’ve met and married a wonderful man and together we’ve made our life a paradise.         

Blessings abound in my life. Please share your story of the blessings in your life.         

First Book-Signing 4-21-2009




Gail Manishor, RScP,
Author of
From Here to Serenity,
A Spiritual Guide to Transform Your Life


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