How to Make a Vision Board

Your Wish is My Command


It used to be called Treasure Mapping. That’s how I began creating what I want in my life. Over the first few years of spiritual study I made several Treasure Maps. Eventually when straightening up the house for company I would put them away under the bed, in a closet, or wherever I found a place. Later when doing spring house cleaning or moving I often came across one that I had made a few months or even a year ago. It was fascinating and surprising to me the first time I came across one and found that all of these things I had put on my Treasure Map had come to pass. Treasure Mapping worked. Wow! I was on to something!        

It began with an article I found in a Unity Magazine about Treasure Mapping and how to do it.        

  1. Decide what you want in your life.
  2. Materials to have on hand: Poster Board, Magazines with pictures, a marking pen and glue.
  3. Find pictures that represent your wish.
  4. Use a symbol of God for the center of the Map.
  5. Write “Thank you God” at the bottom of the map.

Treasure Maps are often a collage of what you would like to have in your life. Place your symbol of God, perhaps a picture of the sun or a dove in the center of your board. Leave room to write, “Thank you God.” at the bottom of the map.        

A Treasure Map can be thought of as a visual prayer.   Whenever I come across an old Treasure Map I’ve made, I find that most, if not all of my wishes have come to be. Why am I always a little surprised? I shouldn’t be.        

A few years ago I found the Abraham teachings,  Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks. They describe using the prettiest box you can find and putting pictures of what you want in it.  On the box print “Whatever is contained in this box IS.”  One day I found a picture of a beautiful kitchen with a granite countertop. I want one of those, I thought and put it in my box.        

Sometime after beginning that box I walked barefoot into our carpeted formal dining room and stepped in a puddle. I began to try to figure out where the water had come from and discovered it was coming from behind the refrigerator in the kitchen. It had been slowly leaking for months. The carpet and part of the wall in the dining room had to be replaced. The kitchen cupboards also had to be replaced. We began a major overhaul.  We lived for 3 months with the range and refrigerator in the middle of the family room.        

We now have a beautiful kitchen with granite counters, beautiful new cupboards, and a recessed ceiling. The one devastating thing was that the insurance company didn’t pay one penny.        

I had forgotten to write “paid for” on the picture in my Treasure Box. Make a mistake, make a correction. I will never forget to write “paid for” again.        

The latest iteration is the Vision Board. I chose a large 18 X 24 white foam core for my Vision Board. As my vision comes true or my dreams change I revise it. The above 5 steps remain the same. However, I have chosen to leave a lot of white space between the pictures so I can focus on what is most important to me. Let your imagination run wild. This is an exercise in creativity and fun.        

The last and most important advice I can give you is to keep your Vision Board to yourself. Don’t show it to other people. Turn it to face the wall if someone comes unexpectedly into your home. Put it away when you know someone is coming. This is your own vision for your life. Keep it secret and sacred.        

In the Comments section after making a Vision Board, please share your dreams with us when they become a reality.      

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