Change, Growth & Renewal


“Change is inevitable. It is a part of life. Rev. Doris Avery once told me that “When we step out in faith, the Universe will support us.” Change is always a little scary, but if we let it be, change can be the best thing that ever happens to us.”
Gail Manishor, From Here to Serenity, A Spiritual Guide to Transform Your Life     


A Spurt of Growth


Weeping Laurel Tree


One thing about life is that change is a constant companion. Just when we get comfortable in any situation something happens to change it all. Some changes are small while others are extreme and seem to uproot your whole life.  Since change is inevitable we find it necessary to get used to it. That’s impossible, isn’t it? Some changes are a shock and not easy at all.     

How we deal with change is so important.     

When my husband Bill and I got married and I sold me home and moved into Bill’s home. He is in a nice very quiet neighborhood where the neighbors kept their homes and yards in very nice shape. Then the people across the street moved out-of-state. New people moved in. Fortunately for us they are lovely people. We became friends with the couple down the street. She and I walked together every morning. He helped us when we needed repairs. We had dinner together. Then they moved to the east coast. It felt like they left a hole in the neighborhood. Other people came and went. The man next door sold his home and moved. New neighbors moved in who didn’t take care of the yard and then had the house repossessed. What will happen next is up to the fates unless you know that prayer works.     

Along with change can come growth and renewal. How we handle change is up to us. We can make the best of it or we can bemoan our fate. I choose to make the best of it. What are you going to choose?     

Gail Manishor, RScP
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