War & Peace (Continued)


“Know that what you resist persists. What you focus on is attracted to you. Focus on the good outcome of the problem and not how bad it could be. Begin to set boundaries and to stand firm. When you realize who and what you really are, it makes you a formidable person. You will be respected because you respect yourself.”
Gail Manishor, author of
From Here to Serenity, A Spiritual Guide to Transformation   


Gail’s Desert Garden


They’re back ….  It was the middle of the day and I was innocently watering the desert area. Out jumped a rabbit and off he went.  Obviously, I hadn’t been vigilant enough about using the rabbit repellant.    

My Garden Angel came up with the idea for a trap and release plan. If my husband Bill would buy a trap, she will take the rabbit to a wilderness area and release him or her. I have no idea how many rabbits there are here, but there must be a lot. And of course you know how rabbits are. They multiply like … rabbits.    

So Bill has researched rabbit traps on the web and found one and ordered it. He read that they like sliced apples. I refuse to buy them my favorites which are “Pink Ladys.” They aren’t invited to my picnic!  I’m beginning to sound a little manic don’t you think?   

I once worked at a large firm where one of the Project Managers raved on and on about how the rabbits were ruining his lawn and he was going to shoot them. I tried to persuade him not to, but he was adamant. I’m beginning to understand how he felt. But as I wrote in my book, “What you resist persists.” I bet he still has rabbits.   



Gail Manishor   


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