Somewhere Over the Rainbow


We all want something a new house, a new car, someone to love us, someone we can love, peace and harmony in our relationships.  It is possible for us to have whatever we desire. But how do we go about getting it? Know what you want and focus on it. “Ask and it will be given.”  

In my experience I have found that desire and prayer can result in our dream being fulfilled. However, there is more to it than wanting and affirming. First, there is a knowing that all things are possible to God. In God there is no little or big. Second, there is letting go of the merry go round of “I want, I need, I’ve got to have.” Third and most important of all there is the knowing that “Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God and all else will be granted onto you.” Ernest Holmes wrote, “When desire is given a subjective mold and then becomes objectified in the life of the one for whom the practitioner is working, this is demonstration.”  

Before anything else we must look to our relationship with God. Go in secret into the quiet of meditation and prayer. Yes, ask for what you need and want, but first ask for the Divine Presence to show up in your life as peace, love and grace. Without God there is nothing. With God there is everything. With God your life is full and wonderful, and isn’t that what you truly desire?    

 Affirmation:  Today I know that God is all I need and want. My desires are fulfilled and I have all that I need.  

Gail Manishor, author of: From Here to Serenity, A Spiritual Guide to Transform Your Life   now available on Kindle.  

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Attitude is the Key to
a Productive Life


When a dear parent slips into memory failure the sadness is hard to measure. In her later years my mother suffered from dementia. Until the last few years she had maintained a level of physical youthfulness that puzzled even her doctors. Her yoga practice certainly played a part in her anti-aging process, but most importantly she maintained an agile attitude about life.  

My mother had a way of making the best she could out of life; she spent her time giving service to her family and being the ideal mother and grandmother.  Because of all the things she’s been, it was hard to see deterioration take place within her.  

There is much to learn from the wise ones who have gone before us. I believe, like my mother, that attitude is the key to a loving and productive life. A life of service is rewarding and joy filled. What we do for another we do for ourselves. As we lift another up, we lift ourselves up and as we lift ourselves up, we raise the consciousness of the universe.  

My mother left a legacy of people that loved and admired her. She left a mark on the world through her love and dedication. Our whole family is blessed by having had her in our lives.  

Not long after she made her transition (passed) something happened that made me realize that the veil between us was very sheer. One day as I walked down the hall I heard her call my name three times. It pleases me to believe that she wanted me to know she was still with me and loved me as I know she loved everyone.  

May God bless you and keep you my dearest mother.  

Baby Jax


My mother’s legacy continues through us all and through the latest addition to our family – Baby Jax Gephart.  

Gail Manishor, RScP


Soar Out of the Darkness 
and into the Light


“Today I see that God is perfect and that perfection is what I am. I love myself and others and move through this day in love and light.”
Gail Manishor, author of
From Here to Serenity, A Spiritual Guide to Transform Your Life

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The Light


 I thought I had overcome the need to do more forgiveness work. I believed that I was above feeling jealous. Although I was depressed and angry I didn’t know why. I though my life was wonderful, so what was wrong?       

Then one day in the middle of a yoga pose it came to me that I was harboring feelings of jealousy, anger and unforgiveness in the pit of my stomach. To release the feelings I mentally placed a spigot in my stomach and turned it on to allow all the emotions I had been storing up to flow out of me. when it was over I was overcome with the wonder of felling cleansed.       

Finally, after many months of depression I was at peace. I knew that Spirit had led me to this point of freedom. since that time when I become aware of these feelings I open my mental spigot and release the feelings before they accumulate. This visualization exercise helped me to walk out of the darkness into the light. Perhaps it will help you.       

Photo by DeLynn Hood  

Gail Manishor, RScP
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 I Am Here

“I am that I am,” are the words God said when Moses asked who God was. These words “I am” are powerful healing words. Begin affirmations with these words in faith and a demonstration takes place.”
From Here to Serenity, A Spiritual Guide to Transform Your Life
Gail Manishor,     


 I Am Here Mandala by Sue O’Kieffe    

I couldn’t resist this beautiful mandala created by Sue O’Kieffe. She was inspired by the airplants Tillandsia Bromeliad.   

Here is Sue O’Kieffe’s link:    

Airplants on Grapevine


 I also admire airplants and have recently started a collection of my own in my Meditation Garden. I’ve become quite enthralled by these fascinating plants. Above is an arrangement of some of my airplants of mine taken a few months ago.     

Gail Manishor, RScP     



War & Peace (Continued)

or The Love / Hate Relationship 


The cage arrived yesterday. It’s called a Haveaheart cage. It’s complicated. According to the directions rabbits don’t like apples after all. Now I’ll have to eat the apples my husband Bill brought home. They like raw vegetables. My Garden Angel had a dream last night that we caught a rabbit and she called this morning to see if she needed to pickup the rabbit to release it in a safe place. Yes. Angels do use the telephone and this one even has a cell phone. Alas we didn’t get the cage up and running yet.

Here’s what a mama and baby look like. You can see why we don’t want to kill them. This picture makes you want to feed them. I wonder if the artist Sue O’Kieffe has a rabbit mandala. I know she loves nature and would be glad I’m trying to save the rabbits.  Check out her Blog on 

My Garden Angel and I scouted out the perfect wilderness area to release our rabbits. They’ll like it there.

Cage arrived and  isn’t that easy to set up. I hope it’s worth all the trouble.

First night: Cage is empty. We’re going to move it to another location.

Second night: We changed locations. Cage is empty.

Third night: We changed locations again. Cage is empty, but carrot is gone.

Sunday morning. Just figured out what happened to my Bleeding Heart plant that has completely disappeared. The rabbits loved it! I had been wanting a Bleeding Heart Plant for years and finally bought one. Oh Well!

Sunday Night: We worked to see that the cage is set up properly, put a carrot in it. We’ll see what happens.

Monday Night: The Garden Angel decided we needed a “Buggs Bunny” carrot. She fluffed up her wings and flew to the nearest market where she bought a bunch of big carrots ( that smelled like carrots) with the green tops still on them. She was back in a flash and set up the carrot in the cage. Bill and our Angel set up the cage with one door closed so there was no quick exit. We waited.

Tuesday Morning:  No rabbit, but the carrot was still there. This is one smart rabbit!

Tuesday Night:  Bill tried another spot for the cage with a fresh carrot.

Wednesday morning:  Zero, Nada. But the carrot is still here.

Friday pm. My Garden Angel came over for dinner tonight. Yes, Angels do eat. She decided to try her luck with the cage. She cut the carrots up and made a little path with sliced carrots which lead to the door of the cage. “I think I really did it this time. I’ll call you tomorrow to see if I can pick up the cage for our first rabbit release.” Yes. Angels do use the phones sometimes.

Saturday a.m.  The carrots were gonzo but no rabbit. Needless to say my Angel is quite despondent and her wings are sagging a little. Bill has had it with this cage and is now going to send it back to Home Depot.

Friday morning: I’m upstairs in my office writing and look down and see – Guess what! You guessed it! A cute little rabbit eating! I run downstairs and he runs behind our plum tree. I go over to see where he is and he runs and dives through a hole he’s dug under the fence and is in the neighbor’s backyard. I am back to applying the rabbit repellent again which makes me sneeze.

Gail Manishor, Author, Licensed Practitioner and Frustrated but addicted Gardener


Meditation Garden Plants

It all started when Bill and I were married and I first moved into his home where he had been living for over 20 years. “Bad move” you might say. “You should move into a home that’s both of yours.” Normally yes. But not when you’re moving from La Mirada to Carlsbad. No contest!  

Bill's Canna Lily

Bill’s Canna Lily is on the right as I walk to my Meditation Garden. He feeds waters and cares for it. 

My Garden Angel instructed me to tell you the process of how and why my Meditation Garden came into being. I was inspired by the unbelievably spectacular gardens at the Self Realization Fellowship Gardens on Hiway 101 in Encinitas, CA.  We have our own special bench looking out at the Pacific Ocean and that’s where Bill put the ring on my finger and we became formally engaged. I decided this would be my model (on a smaller scale) for my very own Meditation area.   

Bill had planted basic shrubs and trees in his large backyard. That was it. Neat and clean and absolutely zero personality. I walked around looking for my special spot and found it. On one side of the house there was an interesting tree that gave shade and a lot of leather ferns. That was it. I could just picture it as my special space where I could go for spiritual fulfillment, peace and serenity. I began by planning the lay-out of a little flagstone walkway and patio. Once I had that in place I began planting a few plants which I have pictures of and are listed below. I needed a perfect place to sit and found the wrought iron bench at Anderson’s Nursery on La Costa. It’s small and an unusual shape. It took me a long time to find the perfect shape, size and colored pad for the seat.  

Some have expressed interest in the plants I have used  in my Meditation Garden. So I’m including pictures and a list of the plants. With my Garden Angel’s help it keeps getting more beautiful.     

Buddah on Path to Meditation Garden


 To the Buddha’s right is lavender, and rosemary, to the left is Heavenly Bamboo and Day Lilly. A Rose Quartz rock sits at his feet.     

Sweet Cherub


A Cherub in the Fountain surrounded by Leather Fern, Red Potato Vine,  pink Butterfly Succulent in Blue Pot and Elephant Foot Palm in the foreground.   Sweet.  

Gail’s Meditation Garden
Meditation Garden

To the left is the total view.     

I think this is an Aralia Tree but I wouldn’t mind being enlightened by someone who knows. I looked it up on the web and what they show doesn’t look like this one.  I think it has an interesting trunk.
In the back is a pale pink Camellia, a split leaf philodendron, a blue pot with a cactus white orchid, leather and sword ferns.
In front of the tree is a tiny green Buddha  an Amethyst rock and a quartz rock on baby tears moss, a maidenhair fern to the right of the tree, and two clumps of photosynthesis grass which glisten when sprinkled.
Spanish moss hangs from the tree on which my Garden Angel and I have started placing interesting airplants called Tillandsia. This is a shady and very pleasant place to meditate or just sit and enjoy the beauty of it all.
Also from this bench I can see even more beauty in the rose garden which I’ve shared in my Serenity Garden Section.  My whole garden is always a “work in progress” and a place I go to work or relax as the mood takes me.
I hope you’ve enjoyed this tour of my Meditation Garden.
Gail Manishor, Author of
From Here to Serenity, A Spiritual Guide to Transform Your Life



The Creative Process

Today I set the creative process into action by what I say do and think.
Gail Manishor, RScP, Author of
From Here to Serenity, A Spiritual Guide to Transform Your Life 

Gail's Creativity Rose


 I stepped into a puddle on the dining room carpet. As I looked around for its source, I realized the damage was extensive. Where was all this water coming from? As I explored, I discovered the water was coming from a very slow leak behind the refrigerator. The carpet and padding needed to be torn out along with all the kitchen cupboards. Soon the refrigerator and stove were sitting in the middle of the family room. A major, long and very expensive kitchen overhaul took place. Most upsetting of all was that the insurance company we had for 27 years, without ever making a claim, refused to pay a penny. 

Later I found a vision board I had created a year ago had a picture of a kitchen with granite counters. I now have a gorgeous kitchen with those countertops. How interesting it is to see the way the creative process works. When I set this beautiful new kitchen into motion a year before, I forgot to write “paid for” on the picture. Lesson learned. However, we are thrilled with our beautiful kitchen. 

I put the creative process into motion by using a vision board. When I put the board away it was a way of releasing it into the universe. This allows the creative process to work. It is the forgetting about it that allows it to work. Esther and Jerry Hicks wrote in Ask And It Is Given “Your creative control comes only in deliberately offering thought and when you are visualizing, you have complete control.” 

It (the creative process) is a state of giving thought to what you want with such clarity that your Inner Being responds by offering confirming emotion. 

I’ve learned we always get what we create. It’s the way life works. When we realize this, we can work with it to create the life we want. It can be fun and exciting when we allow it to be. Look at the interesting life you’ve created. Is it fun? If not, you can uncreate it and recreate a new one more to your liking. 

Gail Manishor