The Creative Process

Today I set the creative process into action by what I say do and think.
Gail Manishor, RScP, Author of
From Here to Serenity, A Spiritual Guide to Transform Your Life 

Gail's Creativity Rose


 I stepped into a puddle on the dining room carpet. As I looked around for its source, I realized the damage was extensive. Where was all this water coming from? As I explored, I discovered the water was coming from a very slow leak behind the refrigerator. The carpet and padding needed to be torn out along with all the kitchen cupboards. Soon the refrigerator and stove were sitting in the middle of the family room. A major, long and very expensive kitchen overhaul took place. Most upsetting of all was that the insurance company we had for 27 years, without ever making a claim, refused to pay a penny. 

Later I found a vision board I had created a year ago had a picture of a kitchen with granite counters. I now have a gorgeous kitchen with those countertops. How interesting it is to see the way the creative process works. When I set this beautiful new kitchen into motion a year before, I forgot to write “paid for” on the picture. Lesson learned. However, we are thrilled with our beautiful kitchen. 

I put the creative process into motion by using a vision board. When I put the board away it was a way of releasing it into the universe. This allows the creative process to work. It is the forgetting about it that allows it to work. Esther and Jerry Hicks wrote in Ask And It Is Given “Your creative control comes only in deliberately offering thought and when you are visualizing, you have complete control.” 

It (the creative process) is a state of giving thought to what you want with such clarity that your Inner Being responds by offering confirming emotion. 

I’ve learned we always get what we create. It’s the way life works. When we realize this, we can work with it to create the life we want. It can be fun and exciting when we allow it to be. Look at the interesting life you’ve created. Is it fun? If not, you can uncreate it and recreate a new one more to your liking. 

Gail Manishor 


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