Somewhere Over the Rainbow


We all want something a new house, a new car, someone to love us, someone we can love, peace and harmony in our relationships.  It is possible for us to have whatever we desire. But how do we go about getting it? Know what you want and focus on it. “Ask and it will be given.”  

In my experience I have found that desire and prayer can result in our dream being fulfilled. However, there is more to it than wanting and affirming. First, there is a knowing that all things are possible to God. In God there is no little or big. Second, there is letting go of the merry go round of “I want, I need, I’ve got to have.” Third and most important of all there is the knowing that “Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God and all else will be granted onto you.” Ernest Holmes wrote, “When desire is given a subjective mold and then becomes objectified in the life of the one for whom the practitioner is working, this is demonstration.”  

Before anything else we must look to our relationship with God. Go in secret into the quiet of meditation and prayer. Yes, ask for what you need and want, but first ask for the Divine Presence to show up in your life as peace, love and grace. Without God there is nothing. With God there is everything. With God your life is full and wonderful, and isn’t that what you truly desire?    

 Affirmation:  Today I know that God is all I need and want. My desires are fulfilled and I have all that I need.  

Gail Manishor, author of: From Here to Serenity, A Spiritual Guide to Transform Your Life   now available on Kindle.  

Gail is available for  Spiritual Counseling Sessions on Thursdays. You may schedule  an appointment by putting your contact information in the “Comments” section of this Blog  





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