Just Forget About It


“Daily I release all worry and concern into the hands of Spirit. What a relief that is. How good it feels.”
From Here to Serenity, A Spiritual Guide to Transform Your Life
Gail Manishor

Let it Be

                                                                                                                                 Photo by DeLynn Hood

Sometimes when we want something very much, we spend our time and energy trying to make it happen. We plan, pray, manipulate, maneuver, and do everything we can to get what we want. We work very hard to reach our goal.

What we must realize is that we don’t have to connive or manipulate. All we have to do is to allow our lives to unfold in God’s perfect way. Often we end up with something better than what we first desired.

It is important to know what we want and take the practical steps that need to be taken to reach our goal. However, most important of all is to surrender to God the how of it. Leave it open for God to decide if it is right for us. Know what you want. Then detach from it. Release it and let it go. Let it be. Turn it over to God for the perfect outcome.

Before we met, my husband and I each made a list of the qualities of the person we would like to have as a mate. He made his list many years ago and put it away in a drawer, forgetting about it. I made mine a few months before we met, then released it without further thought. Our timing is not necessarily God’s timing. Do not become so attached to exactly what you think you must have. Watch it unfold in god’s perfect way.

What a wonderful surprise it can be when we see everything falling into place exactly the way it should. What peace there is in this act of releasing!


Today I turn my life over to God. I release and let go all preconceptions and allow God’s perfect plan to unfold for me.

Gail Manishor, RScP


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