Happy Halloween!!!


Do you remember the fun Halloween was when we were little children?

For weeks we’d talk about what we were going to be, the candy we’d get. We didn’t have to have adults with us. We could run in groups for blocks and blocks always being met with smiles and excitement at the doors.

My mother made my costume every year. I’d ask for a particular costume or she would make a suggestion. I’d get really excited and away she would go – off to the fabric store. Sometimes she would use an old sheet and dye it. Occasionally she bought good fabric and later she made me a dress, a skirt or jumper out of it. Nothing was wasted. She found endless ways and ideas to make me special costumes and save money doing it. There weren’t costumes all made up in the stores or if there were I never saw them.

The most memorable Halloween for me was the year I was Little  Red-Riding Hood which later became a jumper and another year I was a Pilgrim which was made from a dyed sheet.

Below is a picture of my great-grandson, Mason at 2. How cute is that!





Gail Manishor,


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