Recreate Your Life – 7 Steps to Help You Move On

“Take a look at the people you are spending your time with. Are they always complaining or are they happy and enthusiastic about life? It is often necessary to release old friends who can bring you down, and move ahead in your life with those who will help you grow.”

From Here to Serenity, A Spiritual Guide to Transform Your Life,

Gail Manishor 

Quan Yin


Do you feel stuck? When your life seems to have taken a turn for the worst and it appears as though there is no way but down, there is  something you can do about it.

Today can be the first day of a new life for you.  When all seems lost, you can begin again.

  1. Mentally wipe the blackboard of your life clean. What’s in the past is gone. I know you’ve heard this before, but this time listen. Begin again, right now, today.
  2. Pray. Of course you can pray. But when we are in the midst of difficulty sometimes we forget. Pray with an absolute knowing that Spirit (God) has already answered your prayer. You haven’t looked. You haven’t listened.
  3. You can look and you can listen now.
  4. Read spiritual motivational books. I just began reading Joel Goldsmith’s Conscious Union With God. Each sentence gives you something to ponder and read over. It’s not a quick-read. It’s to be savored and taken into your heart. Goldsmith’s writing is a gift that keeps giving. I reread many of his books over and over.
  5. Spend time in contemplation / meditation.
  6. Journal your thoughts as something comes to you. I just bought a new journal A Journal With the Poetry of RUMI. This journal has the most inspiring artwork by Michael Green.
  7. Go outside and look at the beauty in the world. It is all Spirit expressing. Revel in it. 

If you take the steps I’ve suggested here, your life will change for the better.

Gail Manishor,


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