Welcome To Our Family

A little over a year ago Ida, my kitty of over 16 years made her transition (died). It was very sad for me. She had been a wonderful and sweet companion. Followed me arround. Talked to me. She knew when I didn’t feel good and would cuddle close. I missed her so much I couldn’t think about having another cat for a long time.

Recently I have been longing for a new kitten. My husband Bill was not excited about the prospect of a kitten getting into everything. What would we do with the kitten when we went away, etc. etc. etc.?  A week ago Bill suggested we go to the Cat Show at the Del Mar Fair Grounds. The cats were gorgeous. The kittens were beautiful, but cost $700.

We discovered that Julie, who lives down the street  takes care of rescued dogs and cats until they can be adopted. She does this as a volunteer and still works as an RN at Tri City Hospital. Julie told us she would be getting a new part Siamese kitten in a few days. “Would you like to see it?” Julie asked. “Yes” was our answer.

I was excited about the prospect of having a new Siamese kitten. I began to absolutely know that this was already my kitten. Saturday night Julie brought her over. It was love at first sight. She began purring the minute I held her and hasn’t stopped purring since. She’s playful and sweet.

We are considering the name Coco, as in Coco Chanel. It seems to fit. Here is a picture of Coco, the new member of our family.


Gail Manishor, Author of
From Here to Serenity, A Spiritual Guide to Transform Your Life


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