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Rescued from Tijuana Coco is now 10 weeks.  She just had her 2nd shot. Kittens are a lot more work than I remembered. But she is well worth it.

She was scratching me and I had to trim her claws and put the claw protectors on. It wasn’t easy. If you don’t know about these, they are an alternative to “declawing,” which I have discovered is very cruel. Declawing is now frowned upon and rightly so. Claw protectors are glued on and hardly show. I bought some pink glittery ones and she looks very pretty and doesn’t seem to notice them at all.

I soon discovered that Coco is very smart as well as adorable, sweet and lovable. I sound like a proud parent. Don’t I? She is now an important part of our family.

On the adoption paper it says Coco is a Blue Point Siamese. But on Saturday (when Julie down the street came over to give Coco her shot) Julie said Coco is a Ragdoll. Ragdoll’s were bred from Siamese and Burmese and named because they will hang on your arm as limp as a Ragdoll. They have blue eyes and are highly intelligent, gentle, and delightful pets. Who would have thought that we would get this beautiful kitten from a rescue in Tijuana.

Coco 10 wks


Gail & Coco



Today I Remember the Joy 


Today I received a call from my cousin Sandy that her father, a favorite Uncle, made his transition this morning. My Uncle Richard was a big brother to me. He lived with my family when I was about 5 years old. I remember when he went into the Air Force and he was so handsome in  his uniform. All the girls were in love with him. I was 10 years old when he and my Aunt Ann married. Although I was old for a flower girl, I begged to be in the wedding and so I was. I still remember my dress (blue). It was very exciting. We always had a special bond. Always fun, he loved to tell stories of the past and laugh over them.

That is why I’m writing about handling grief today. I know it was time for my Uncle Rich to move on and that he was ready to go. I also know that it is hard to see a dear one suffer. It’s still hard to let them go.

I went to their 60th wedding anniversary party. Pictures below show Rich & Ann & me and in the picture on the right they are cutting their cake with a large picture of them on their wedding day behind them.

Today I remember the joy of knowing my beloved Uncle Richard and my dear Aunt Ann.

The following is an excerpt from my book: 
From Here to Serenity, A Spiritual Guide to Transform Your Life
Emotions aren’t always reasonable. A counselor or a support group can help us through the grieving process.

A Meditative Guide

Grief Recovery

At a time of loss in our life, whatever that loss may be, there are stages we must go through to get to recovery. Strong people sometimes attempt to go through it alone. Some try to put it off to a time when they are stronger and can handle it better. “Grief demands expression” says Robert Russell in his inspiring book Dry Those Tears.

As I look back, I sometimes feel as if I have lived many lives in this life. The end of each chapter of my life presented me with a chance for a new beginning. When a loss occurs, it is an opportunity to begin another exciting phase of life. Each day is a new day.

Many churches and community centers offer bereavement groups. A counselor may be needed to help us through this difficult process.

In reality there is no death, the soul is eternal. We live on. Ernest Holmes taught that life is an upward spiral, presenting expression on plane upon plane through eternity. We are eternal beings.

Life (God) gives us whatever it is we need to expand our soul’s growth. We are wherever we are in our life because that is exactly where we need to be to become more aware of the Divine within each of us. Every struggle we go through is a blessing in that it brings us closer to the truth of who we really are. We are creations of the God. We are Divine beings. We are Spirit expressing.

Rich - Anne & Gail

60th Anniversary







 How to Deal With Guilt


I’ve known many good parents who are alienated from their adult children. It’s sad for both parent and child. Everyone has done something they wish they’d done differently. One reason we are in this life is to learn from our mistakes. Wisdom comes from making mistakes and moving on. We must forgive ourselves for the mistakes we’ve made. If we don’t forgive ourselves we make ourselves miserable. Forgiveness is a freeing experience. If forgiveness is a difficult word for you, use the word release instead. Thinking of forgiveness as release can make it easier to accept.

To reach peace and serenity, it’s necessary to go through a process of forgiveness. First, we have to admit to ourselves that what we did was a mistake. If the person we have harmed is still alive, we must ask their forgiveness, but even if they don’t forgive us, we can forgive ourselves. Release guilt, and surrender it to God. Otherwise guilt eats away at us and can cause actual physical illness. No matter what we may have done, we must face it and make reparation if we can. Life is not about holding onto our guilt, but about learning and growing from our mistakes.

“Sonia Choquette, Ph.D. wrote in her book The Psychic Pathway, “Forgiveness and acceptance break down the final walls between your conscious mind and your soul.” Forgiving yourself and others releases a block that is holding you back from your path to joy, wisdom and enlightenment.

Write down that guilt. Make a list of the things you may have done that hurt others. It is like peeling away the skins of an onion until you get to the very heart of the matter.

Just when you think you’ve gotten to the last layer, like an onion, there is another one to peel away.

Now take that list, read it and with a prayer of release, burn it. The prayer of release can be something as simple as the following:

Prayer of Release

“Spirit, I now release all of my errors of judgment and everything I have done to hurt myself or anyone else. I know I am surrounded and filled with Your love always and forever no matter what I may do. I pledge to make the best restitution I can and I now release the burden of guilt and regret and I let it go. Thank you, God. And so it is. Amen.”

Forgiveness is a freeing experience. The complete release of the issue, both the guilt and the blame, result in a total freedom from the heaviness of the guilt and blame syndrome. Stop saying “I should have” done this or that. Stop the self-blame. God’s love is constant and enduring. You will feel lighter and freer than you have ever felt before.

When we are able to release guilt and establish an honest communication with the children we are estranged from, we may be able to begin to rebuild our relationship with them. Don’t look at the problem, look at the solution. There is always a solution. Stand firmly in the Light of God, which is our support at all times. Love is always the answer.

Years ago my practitioner found a statement in the Science f Mind magazine and shared it with me. I have used it to forgive the hurts I have received through the years but had been unable to completely release, and it has freed me.

Write the following statement 21 times a day for 21 days. If you miss one day you must start over. By the end of the 21 days you will have broken free of the heavy burden of guilt.

 Write “(name) I love you, I bless you, I forgive you. I release you to your highest good as you love, bless, forgive and release me. Now I am free.”

From Here to Serenity, A Spiritual Guide To Transform Your Life
Gail Manishor,
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