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Gail Manishor, Author of
From Here to Serenity, A Spiritual Guide to Transform Your Life

Rescued from Tijuana Coco is now 10 weeks.  She just had her 2nd shot. Kittens are a lot more work than I remembered. But she is well worth it.

She was scratching me and I had to trim her claws and put the claw protectors on. It wasn’t easy. If you don’t know about these, they are an alternative to “declawing,” which I have discovered is very cruel. Declawing is now frowned upon and rightly so. Claw protectors are glued on and hardly show. I bought some pink glittery ones and she looks very pretty and doesn’t seem to notice them at all.

I soon discovered that Coco is very smart as well as adorable, sweet and lovable. I sound like a proud parent. Don’t I? She is now an important part of our family.

On the adoption paper it says Coco is a Blue Point Siamese. But on Saturday (when Julie down the street came over to give Coco her shot) Julie said Coco is a Ragdoll. Ragdoll’s were bred from Siamese and Burmese and named because they will hang on your arm as limp as a Ragdoll. They have blue eyes and are highly intelligent, gentle, and delightful pets. Who would have thought that we would get this beautiful kitten from a rescue in Tijuana.

Coco 10 wks


Gail & Coco


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