No! No! Coco

In my desire for a new kitten I had forgotten something important. Kittens bite!  I looked up “kittens bite” on the internet. It turns out that’s what kittens do.

Kittens being baby cats are a lot of work. I was thinking cute and cuddly. She is cute and cuddly but she is also mischievous, scratches and bites. What’s a mother to do? Bill and I went over to PetSmart and PetCo and bought several toys home: a mat that lights up when the cat steps on a spot; a toy that stands up & has feathers & things to bat; a pup tent that lights up in the dark with purple balls in it; a ball with a mouse face & furry tail, some kitten treats etc. etc. They promised we could return what she didn’t like them.

The mat that lights up was a real flop, she couldn’t care less. The toy that  has feathers to bat fared the same. The pup tent with sparkle balls was a major success. She loves it and the mouse ball with the furry tail. The organic kitten treats did not excite her at all.

I checked the internet and was advised that cats don’t like to walk on aluminum foil and it will keep cats off tables and counters. Coco loves aluminum.

We are not deterred. Here is another picture of Coco.

 Coco’s mother,

Gail Manishor,
From Here to Serenity, A Spiritual Guide to Transform Your Life


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