Coco - OH! No!

Houston, We Have a Problem

We had two wonderful angels  taking care of Coco while we were away in Mendocino – Aunt Kelly and Aunt DeeDee. We talked to both of them while we were away. They both said she was just fine. They kept a diary for me to read when we got home as to how Coco’s day went. It’s very cute and had drawings and everything on it.

We walked into the house and right away Bill said, “She’s changed!” She saw us and immediately fell on her side, rolled on her back and wanted us to rub her tummy and so we would pet her. But – She didn’t want to fetch the ball for Bill anymore. Bill was very disappointed. I sat down on the sofa and she came up and kissed me on the face. Very sweet, but not like her. She was so over the top affectionate.

I finally figured it out. Our cute little kitten is in HEAT!! Oh! Noooo! If you’ve never been around a cat in heat, you’re very lucky. I found out we have to wait till she is out of heat before we can spay her. We also found out that there’s only a 2 to 3 week amount of time before she goes back into heat. This is definitely not fun, guys… We are absolutely panicked that she might get out and get into “trouble.” You know how young people are these days.

I know we’ll get through this. It’s just a matter of time. Right. This is one of those adversities I talk about in my book.

Gail Manishor, RScP, Author of

From Here to Serenity, A Spiritual Guide to Transform Your Life


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