Further Adventures With Coco the Cat


There’s always more to learn about cats. That’s what makes them so much fun.

The other day my Garden Angel brought over a package of cute little toys for Coco (including some balls with bells in them and little mice with catnip in them (which she loves). She’s now decided it’s more fun to fetch the mice than the balls. She bats them under something. I think there are now at least 3 mice under our refrigerator

The above picture is Coco getting ready to pounce on those feathers above her. She thinks it’s a bird but I think it’s me she’s thinking about pounding on.

She is a delight and so sweet and so pretty. However, she’s biting me till the blood runs. She doesn’t know she’s hurting me. She’s a baby.   So what do we do? We’ve tried all the suggestions.  She’s a cat and we’re having quite a challenge with her. You name it, I’ve tried it: Bitter spray, spray bottles with water, blowing in her face, distracting her, playing with her until I’m worn out, giving her time-outs, and giving her treats when she’s good. It’s not working.

I think we now have the answer. A friend told me about a collar that calms cats.  It’s in a purple and yellow package, has pheromones and lavender in it that calms cats. I brought one home and put it around her neck. She acts like she doesn’t even know it’s there. She is now the sweet and cuddly kitten I wanted from the beginning. She now even cuddles up with me when I take an afternoon nap and I love it.

I thank Spirit for this very cute and now cuddly ball of fur.

Share with me some of your cat adventures.

Gail Manishor, Author of
From Here to Serenity, A Spiritual Guide to Transform Your Life



Go Within

Gail Manishor, Author of
From Here to Serenity, A Spiritual Guide to Transform Your Life

Meditation Garden

Go within or go without. This is a Universal Truth but what does it really mean? As we go within, into our heart center, we can reach the very depths of our soul.  The answer to everything is within. Without, is the outside material world. It is only  appearance and it is misleading.

As it is within so it is without. As above so below. These are ancient truths.

Are you thinking, what on earth is she talking about?  The Creator and the Source of all is everywhere present. It lives within us because it makes up every cell of our very being.  The inner being of us is who and what we are. It is the very essence of life itself.

When we go within in deep meditation, we touch the hem of the garment. We connect with the Divine Essence of our being. Everything is within us.

When there is doubt or fear, look within for the answer.

To go without lies unhappiness and superficiality.

To go  within to the depths of ourself is deeper and yet greater than we can imagine. To leave the depths of ourselves unexplored is a loss of great dimensions. The further in we go the more we find: Love, peace, beauty, wisdom, power. It is all there within. God is within and God is endless.

Daily meditation is the way to peace and joy to the abundance of life. It is the answer to any problem or situation for where God is there is only good.

Meditation takes time, effort and dedication. However, it leads to a life worth living, a joy beyond what we now know.

May your days be blessed with peace, love and joy.

Gail Manishor