Shame and Guilt  – Who Needs It?

As promised, below is a picture from my Secret Garden (double click to see the picture better).

Princess Plant

Below is an Excerpt:

From Here to Serenity, A Spiritual Guide to Transform Your Life
Gail Manishor, Author

Exercise to Rid Yourself of
Depression, Anger and Jealousy

Following is a reexamination of this author’s thoughts on depression and an exercise that came to me. I have realized that life’s lessons continue.

I thought I had come to a place in my life where I had overcome the need to do more forgiveness work, that I was above the petty feelings of jealousy. I wondered why I was depressed, why I was angry. Depression is anger turned inward on oneself.

Once again I began to examine my feelings. Then one day as I was laying on the floor in a Yoga position the realization came to me that I was harboring feelings of jealousy, anger and un-forgiveness. I felt those feelings were in my stomach and it came to me that I could mentally place a spigot in my stomach and turn it on and release all that stuff that I had been storing up. As I visualized turning the spigot to open, all the old garbage of anger, jealousy and un-forgiveness came spewing up. It seemed to shoot out of me and finally dribbled to a stop. I was overcome with the wonder of feeling cleansed. Finally after many months, I was at peace. I knew that Spirit had led me to this point of freedom. Since that time when I become aware of these emotions, I turn that faucet to open and blast them out of me so they do not have time to accumulate into depression. I found this to be a powerful exercise that you too can try.


I now forgive and release myself to my highest and best good. I am free.





Affirmation: Today I follow my dream, I continue to put one foot in front of the other and I listen for guidance. I guard the garden of my thoughts and I think about what I want to create. Every day I give thanks for all the good in my life.
From Here to Serenity, A spiritual Guide to Transform Your Life
Gail Manishor, Author

Double Delight

My Garden Angel has jumped ship or I’ve been deserted by my Garden Angel. Now Angels are here to serve and protect us. So where’s mine when I need her?

Thank goodness Angels never really leave you but mine took a month’s vacation. Is that fair? Are angels supposed to do that? I guess even angels need a rest occasionally. As you can see by the picture, the garden is still beautiful. I’m doing the best I can to maintain the garden. Alas the weeds are beginning to gain ground.

The Secret Garden is not looking at all well. However the crepe myrtle tree is blooming and the Princess Plant is glorious. For some reason the roses in the Secret Garden are not doing at all well. My husband tells me this is not the right time of day to take a picture on that side of our home. So I’ll post a picture of that next time.

My kitten Coco is doing well, but is still biting. One minute she’s kissing me and the next minute she’s biting. I’m about ready to throw in the towel and call a Cat Psychic. Someone suggested I put a little white vinegar and water in a spray bottle and spray her when she does that. What are your thoughts about that?