Shame and Guilt  – Who Needs It?

As promised, below is a picture from my Secret Garden (double click to see the picture better).

Princess Plant

Below is an Excerpt:

From Here to Serenity, A Spiritual Guide to Transform Your Life
Gail Manishor, Author

Exercise to Rid Yourself of
Depression, Anger and Jealousy

Following is a reexamination of this author’s thoughts on depression and an exercise that came to me. I have realized that life’s lessons continue.

I thought I had come to a place in my life where I had overcome the need to do more forgiveness work, that I was above the petty feelings of jealousy. I wondered why I was depressed, why I was angry. Depression is anger turned inward on oneself.

Once again I began to examine my feelings. Then one day as I was laying on the floor in a Yoga position the realization came to me that I was harboring feelings of jealousy, anger and un-forgiveness. I felt those feelings were in my stomach and it came to me that I could mentally place a spigot in my stomach and turn it on and release all that stuff that I had been storing up. As I visualized turning the spigot to open, all the old garbage of anger, jealousy and un-forgiveness came spewing up. It seemed to shoot out of me and finally dribbled to a stop. I was overcome with the wonder of feeling cleansed. Finally after many months, I was at peace. I knew that Spirit had led me to this point of freedom. Since that time when I become aware of these emotions, I turn that faucet to open and blast them out of me so they do not have time to accumulate into depression. I found this to be a powerful exercise that you too can try.


I now forgive and release myself to my highest and best good. I am free.



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