COCO’s Missing


I came home from a class last Saturday to find our Coco was missing!

What to do? We started walking the neighborhood (Bill and I). We had finally given her the freedom of the backyard and somehow she got out. We asked everyone we passed and no one had seen her. No! She didn’t have a collar. I was mentally kicking myself all over the street. Bill got in the car and drove around and around. No CoCo. We left the front door and the back door open all day in hopes she would come home. How far can a little cat go? We kept hoping she would come back. But she didn’t and I went to bed in tears. I kept getting up and going downstairs and NO CoCo.

I got up during the night to see if she’d come in, No CoCo. She is a very sociable cat and loves people. Bill was afraid someone would keep her. “She’s gone,” he said.

When I got up on Sunday morning and no CoCo. then I turned on the lights and she came running in the backdoor. She was starving. We decided she is now a house cat. It was fine for two days and then she became quite unbearable.

What would you do? I prayed. I kept saying, I know God will bring her back to me and I pictured her in my arms. God did.

We went to Pet Smart and bought her a feminine little pink collar with a bell on it and a pink heart-shaped tag with her name  and phone number on it. Then we released her to the backyard.

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