The Oriole’s Visit



In my study of Feng Shui I learned that it’s very important to have animal life in and around your home. Animal life adds warmth and life to our homes. I decided to encourage humming birds and butterflies as much as possible into our garden.

Soon after I moved to Carlsbad I saw the most brilliant yellow and black bird I’d ever seen in a back yard. I called my husband, Bill and we tried to figure out what it was.

The next day we went to the Wild Bird Store in Encinitas and learned it was a hooded oriole. We  immediately bought an oriole feeder and learned that they like sugar water. We brought the new feeder home and installed it near the patio so we could watch these beautiful birds. They are very watchful and more nervous than I’ve ever seen birds behave. They swoop down low, land on the feeder and look around constantly while they are feeding. The humming birds think this feeder is there for them and use it all year round. They come to the window, look in and let us know when it is empty.

Before we were married  Bill had planted a banana tree on one end of the backyard. One day I was out in the garden weeding. I heard some baby birds chirping right above me. I looked up to see where the noise was coming from. What looked like the toe end of a sock was cunningly woven and enclosed in a banana tree leaf. That’s where the chirping was coming from. Mama Oriole was having a fit as only a mother can do. I backed into the house and watched from the back door as mama came to check her babies out.

This began our relationship with the family of orioles that come back every spring and stay until October.

We also feed goldfinches who are very entertaining. We call them little acrobats because they hang upside down while they’re eating.

Gail Manishor, Author of
From Here to Serenity, A Spiritual Guide to Transformation



How to Use Feng Shui to Bring

Peace & Serenity into Your Home & Life  



Ancient Buddha



 In my search for peace,I’ve made our home into a place of peace and serenity and most people feel it when they walk in. It begins in our entry way where I’ve planted a jasmine vine that is now coming into full bloom. The fragrance is magnificent. I’ve use my knowledge of Feng Shui in our home to make the entry inviting and beautiful. I placed an angel fountain to the left of the front door and a small angel holding a water basin with a red camellia or red hibiscus floating in it. The front doors are painted a soft and beautiful shade of red with a Bagua mirror over it to bring friends and prosperity into our lives. The entry should always be warm and inviting. There is a small welcome wind-chime at the step that leads to the door.                

 Almost everyone who enters our home mentions the good feeling they have when they walk in the door. I’ve chosen the soft, warm and soothing colors of sand and wood tones colors that feel good to me. A Quan Yin artifact sits on an antique cupboard and a large beautiful wooden carved Tara (Quan Yin) is on the bookcase across the room. Bill’s unique watercolor of trees sets off the Quan Yin perfectly. The windows from the living room and dining room open to the riot of color and greenery that is my Secret Garden. Bill and I and friends meditate in our living room and I also teach spiritual classes and Sacred Circles there. The peace that brings is palpable in the room.                

I’ve also used Feng Shui in our Family room, eating area and kitchen and it flows in a peaceful and joyous way. I can sit anywhere in my home and feel the comfort and Peace of the Divine Presence surrounding me. This area has large windows that display our Peace Garden and the “mother tree” in the back. I call it a Peace Garden because that is what I feel when I look at or walk outside.                

I’m not saying nothing is out-of-place, but I do my utmost to sustain the feeling of peace, tranquility and joy in my home. All of this doesn’t just happen. It takes study, thought, prayer, and meditation and to me it is so worth it. I am grateful for the many blessings I have received.                

 I invite you to comment below on how you’ve made your home a place of peace and blessings.                

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