New Neighbors at Last

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Hillside Beauty

Photo by DeLynn Hood 

You do get what you pray for. Sometimes it takes a little longer than other times.

Our neighbor with the weeds and rundown yard has moved out and a wonderful couple has moved in.

Changes are already in evidence. The weeds that were two feet above the top of our fence are now gone. Yeah! The trees in their back yard have been pruned and trimmed back and one was taken out. Our new neighbors came over yesterday to have us signoff on the colors they’ve chosen to paint their home. (We have Home Owner’s Association which wasn’t much help with the previous owner.) They have a Rhodesian Ridgeback dog upset by the move, but they have taken steps to calm her and “All is Quiet on the Western Front.”  I looked it up on the internet and this dog comes from Africa and was used to hunt lions.  Very interesting don’t you think so?

Meanwhile Gail’s Serenity Garden is getting quite a bit of rain which is a blessing for our garden and this whole area. A special blessing is that this is the fire season in Southern California and we have rain at the perfect time.

The hillside is filling in and My Garden Angel brought in more nice rocks and placed them on the hillside. She also moved one of the purple Pride of Madera from down below at the base of the hillside up toward the top of the hill a perfect place for it. It should do well with this wonderful rain.

The branch from a neighbor’s Twisty Willow Tree has rooted and is very happy in a beautiful cobalt blue pot and loves the rain.

I miss my Garden Angel as she is busy helping other people with their gardens. But she will come back when I need her. That’s what Angels do.

Gail Manishor, Author of
From Here to Serenity, A Spiritual Guide to Transform Your Life




War & Peace (Continued)

or The Love / Hate Relationship 


The cage arrived yesterday. It’s called a Haveaheart cage. It’s complicated. According to the directions rabbits don’t like apples after all. Now I’ll have to eat the apples my husband Bill brought home. They like raw vegetables. My Garden Angel had a dream last night that we caught a rabbit and she called this morning to see if she needed to pickup the rabbit to release it in a safe place. Yes. Angels do use the telephone and this one even has a cell phone. Alas we didn’t get the cage up and running yet.

Here’s what a mama and baby look like. You can see why we don’t want to kill them. This picture makes you want to feed them. I wonder if the artist Sue O’Kieffe has a rabbit mandala. I know she loves nature and would be glad I’m trying to save the rabbits.  Check out her Blog on 

My Garden Angel and I scouted out the perfect wilderness area to release our rabbits. They’ll like it there.

Cage arrived and  isn’t that easy to set up. I hope it’s worth all the trouble.

First night: Cage is empty. We’re going to move it to another location.

Second night: We changed locations. Cage is empty.

Third night: We changed locations again. Cage is empty, but carrot is gone.

Sunday morning. Just figured out what happened to my Bleeding Heart plant that has completely disappeared. The rabbits loved it! I had been wanting a Bleeding Heart Plant for years and finally bought one. Oh Well!

Sunday Night: We worked to see that the cage is set up properly, put a carrot in it. We’ll see what happens.

Monday Night: The Garden Angel decided we needed a “Buggs Bunny” carrot. She fluffed up her wings and flew to the nearest market where she bought a bunch of big carrots ( that smelled like carrots) with the green tops still on them. She was back in a flash and set up the carrot in the cage. Bill and our Angel set up the cage with one door closed so there was no quick exit. We waited.

Tuesday Morning:  No rabbit, but the carrot was still there. This is one smart rabbit!

Tuesday Night:  Bill tried another spot for the cage with a fresh carrot.

Wednesday morning:  Zero, Nada. But the carrot is still here.

Friday pm. My Garden Angel came over for dinner tonight. Yes, Angels do eat. She decided to try her luck with the cage. She cut the carrots up and made a little path with sliced carrots which lead to the door of the cage. “I think I really did it this time. I’ll call you tomorrow to see if I can pick up the cage for our first rabbit release.” Yes. Angels do use the phones sometimes.

Saturday a.m.  The carrots were gonzo but no rabbit. Needless to say my Angel is quite despondent and her wings are sagging a little. Bill has had it with this cage and is now going to send it back to Home Depot.

Friday morning: I’m upstairs in my office writing and look down and see – Guess what! You guessed it! A cute little rabbit eating! I run downstairs and he runs behind our plum tree. I go over to see where he is and he runs and dives through a hole he’s dug under the fence and is in the neighbor’s backyard. I am back to applying the rabbit repellent again which makes me sneeze.

Gail Manishor, Author, Licensed Practitioner and Frustrated but addicted Gardener




Humming Birds

“Ernest Holmes wrote, “Thoughts are things.” He told us to guard our thoughts
as we would a garden and pluck out the weeds of sadness, anger and guilt and replace them with good seeds. Our thoughts are powerful. ”
Gail Manishor, From Here to Serenity,
A Spiritual Guide to Transform Your Life

My Garden Angel and I have a lot in common. The love of nature and wildlife is one of  many. One of our favorite pastimes is checking out interesting and different plant nurseries.  

As I previously mentioned, my Garden Angel is a talented photographer. Here is a link to some photograph slides she took of the humming birds that visit her. If you like humming birds, you’ll love these slides. Click Little Friends link below.

I invite you to share your humming bird experiences with us in the Comments Section.

Little Friends

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Then it Happened!

“Every problem has a gift for you in its hands.”
Richard Bachman

In From Here to Serenity, A Spiritual Guide to Transform Your Life, I wrote about the blessings that come into our lives in so many ways that we take them for granted, and so don’t acknowledge that they are blessings. It is important that we recognize and are grateful for any and all blessings. It is important because it raises our level of consciousness to a higher degree. It is imperative to our feeling of well- being. We are happier because of them. Blessings come in many forms. Sometimes they may come as people  just passing through in our lives. Or these people may be angels in disguise. Here is my story.

My garden needed attention badly and I was beginning to fall way behind. There were weeds everywhere, and my Secret Garden looked as if it should be kept a secret. “What am I going to do?” I asked myself.

And then it happened.  A couple of times a year we have a friend who comes to wash our windows. One day he brought a woman with him to help him out. I heard her chatting  as they worked. She had a Southern drawl and a happy attitude. But she talked a lot. I stepped out in the backyard to see how things were going. She said, “I do weeding too.”

“You do?” I asked. “Can you come tomorrow?” She could and she did.

This chance meeting has turned into a true blessing in my life. Not only has a wonderful friendship developed but a “Garden Angel” has come into my life. She began by cleaning up one area of the garden after another, making suggestions along the way. She is also an accomplished photographer and has made some wonderful slide shows of my garden in progress which I will include. My garden is becoming the “showplace” of the neighborhood. It is now our Peace Garden.

I soon found my “Garden Angel” had a mind of her own. She began placing uniquely shaped stones in our garden. “Do you mind if I cut this branch off?” She’d ask. “See, it lets the light shine through if I hold it back like this. I’m just saying…” 

One day my “Garden Angel” brought me a beautiful crystal for my office. “This will cast a star across you while you write” She said.

This is the way everyone’s life can work when we listen for “the still small voice (of God).” It is when we pay attention to the Divine spark within that we change and grow.  Because of the prayer, study and meditation that is my spiritual practice, my life has started working for me. Things often fall seamlessly into place in wonderful and apparently magical ways. Of course, there is no magic about it! This is the way everyone’s life is meant to work. When we go within and listen, we hear the music of the Divine symphony.

Share your blessings in the “Comments” section below.

To see the garden when my “Garden Angel” was just getting started and how she dealt with the steep embankment, click on the link below: (Please be patient, it’s worth the wait).
Gails Garden 8-22-09

Gail Manishor, RScP
Author of
From Here to Serenity
A Spiritual Guide to Transform Your Life

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