Meditation Garden Plants

It all started when Bill and I were married and I first moved into his home where he had been living for over 20 years. “Bad move” you might say. “You should move into a home that’s both of yours.” Normally yes. But not when you’re moving from La Mirada to Carlsbad. No contest!  

Bill's Canna Lily

Bill’s Canna Lily is on the right as I walk to my Meditation Garden. He feeds waters and cares for it. 

My Garden Angel instructed me to tell you the process of how and why my Meditation Garden came into being. I was inspired by the unbelievably spectacular gardens at the Self Realization Fellowship Gardens on Hiway 101 in Encinitas, CA.  We have our own special bench looking out at the Pacific Ocean and that’s where Bill put the ring on my finger and we became formally engaged. I decided this would be my model (on a smaller scale) for my very own Meditation area.   

Bill had planted basic shrubs and trees in his large backyard. That was it. Neat and clean and absolutely zero personality. I walked around looking for my special spot and found it. On one side of the house there was an interesting tree that gave shade and a lot of leather ferns. That was it. I could just picture it as my special space where I could go for spiritual fulfillment, peace and serenity. I began by planning the lay-out of a little flagstone walkway and patio. Once I had that in place I began planting a few plants which I have pictures of and are listed below. I needed a perfect place to sit and found the wrought iron bench at Anderson’s Nursery on La Costa. It’s small and an unusual shape. It took me a long time to find the perfect shape, size and colored pad for the seat.  

Some have expressed interest in the plants I have used  in my Meditation Garden. So I’m including pictures and a list of the plants. With my Garden Angel’s help it keeps getting more beautiful.     

Buddah on Path to Meditation Garden


 To the Buddha’s right is lavender, and rosemary, to the left is Heavenly Bamboo and Day Lilly. A Rose Quartz rock sits at his feet.     

Sweet Cherub


A Cherub in the Fountain surrounded by Leather Fern, Red Potato Vine,  pink Butterfly Succulent in Blue Pot and Elephant Foot Palm in the foreground.   Sweet.  

Gail’s Meditation Garden
Meditation Garden

To the left is the total view.     

I think this is an Aralia Tree but I wouldn’t mind being enlightened by someone who knows. I looked it up on the web and what they show doesn’t look like this one.  I think it has an interesting trunk.
In the back is a pale pink Camellia, a split leaf philodendron, a blue pot with a cactus white orchid, leather and sword ferns.
In front of the tree is a tiny green Buddha  an Amethyst rock and a quartz rock on baby tears moss, a maidenhair fern to the right of the tree, and two clumps of photosynthesis grass which glisten when sprinkled.
Spanish moss hangs from the tree on which my Garden Angel and I have started placing interesting airplants called Tillandsia. This is a shady and very pleasant place to meditate or just sit and enjoy the beauty of it all.
Also from this bench I can see even more beauty in the rose garden which I’ve shared in my Serenity Garden Section.  My whole garden is always a “work in progress” and a place I go to work or relax as the mood takes me.
I hope you’ve enjoyed this tour of my Meditation Garden.
Gail Manishor, Author of
From Here to Serenity, A Spiritual Guide to Transform Your Life