A Meditative Guide

The Power Within

An Excerpt: From Here to Serenity,
A Spiritual Guide to Transform Your Life
Author: Gail Manishor

Meditation is almost universally recognized as a way of healing your life. It is by quieting your mind and going within when Spirit speaks to us. We are comforted. We are healed. We begin to recognize our power.

Now is the time for us to let go of the ego-self and align our awareness to the truth that God, our Higher Power, is always within
each one of us. That Power and that Presence which is God is always available for us to use. We are the absolute expressions of
the Most High God. The extent of our awareness of this Divine inner Presence is the extent to which we have control over our
own lives and our own paths. This is the moment we recognize the truth of who we are. We do not have to be victims. We do not have to feel powerless. We are not bits of dust tossed in the winds of time. We are not pawns on some giant chessboard of life, victims  to be used at will by some malignant or uncaring force. We can take control of our lives. We can be masters, not victims. It is a matter of choice. We have all the power we need. God never deserts us. We are never alone. It is up to us to realize the Presence within. We are Divine beings and because of the Presence within we are powerful and creative. We have control of our own destiny.

The Universe is in constant motion as God the Creator creates and recreates. Our life is a process. It is true that there are lessons we must learn and roads we must each travel on our separate paths to enlightenment. Never think for a moment that you are not on your right path. The wisdom within will guide you if you let it. Remain flexible, so that you are ready to follow that guidance on your perfect path.

Through the Law of Attraction as mentioned in Holmes book The Science of Mind and also in Esther and Jerry Hicks book Ask and It Is Given, we are creators. We are always creating whether we realize it or not. We can do nothing and create by default or we can take control of our thoughts, our words and actions and create our life as we want it to be. We are not powerless. We are powerful creators of our own lives and our own destinies.

Always know that today is the first day of the rest of your life. Today is a new day. It is a day you can see yourself as beautiful, perfect and powerful.

Remember–“ask and you will receive.”