From Here to Serenity

A Spiritual Guide to Transform Your Life

Chapter 1

The Law of God is Perfect

 “This, then is the teaching: Love and Law. As the love
of God is perfect, so the law of God also is perfect.”

– Ernest Holmes

Our lives are governed by God’s Divine Law. God is all there is and is everything there is. There is one Life and that Life is God. God is the Law and as we understand God’s Law we learn to live in the Law because we want to. Our lives work better when we live according to the Law. When we live in the Law our life falls into place easily and effortlessly. Understanding is the key to transforming our life. God is all love and all good and sees only love and good. God is perfect and can create only perfection. In God’s eyes we are perfect. We see imperfections in ourselves and they seem real to us. When we can cast off that veil of imperfection and see ourselves as God sees us, we learn to love and accept ourselves and others. We move from a place of fear and worry to a place of peace and joy.


Affirmation:  Today I see that God is perfect and that perfection is what I am. I love myself and others and move through this day in love and light.

The Law of Cause and Effect

There is a Law of Cause and Effect in the Universe. Some call it Karma. The Law may sound too easy and too simplistic. It is simple, but it is not easy.

Every action has a consequence. There is no free ride. What we think, say and do has an effect on our life. There is no doubt that this is true. This can actually be tested, and when we put it to the test we will find the Law always works. For every thought, word and action, there is a reaction in our life. We can create a joyful life, or we can create our own misery, our own heaven or our own hell. To live a joyful life takes work. It takes practice to watch our thoughts, but we can do it if we really want to. It becomes easier with time until it’s a habit to look for and see the highest and the best in every person and in every condition.

It’s our responsibility to co-create with God the life we want to live. We can give up that responsibility and choose a bunch of rules as many religions do, and follow them, or we can use the intelligence God has given us to live the life we were meant to live. Giving up our right to choose is creating by default as Esther and Jerry Hicks point out in their book Ask And It Is Given. We can choose what we want in our lives by our positive thoughts and words, or we can choose and get what we don’t want by dwelling on the negative. We can say “but look at my checkbook balance, that’s the truth” or we can see the checkbook balance the way we want it to be, unlimited. We draw to us what we think about.

The Law of Cause and Effect is working whether we are aware of it or not. It is inevitable and it is inescapable. We can choose to go on as we are, but we will continue to receive more of what we already have. We can decide it’s too hard, too much trouble, too much work. But we cannot escape the natural outcome of our actions. We can have great joy in our life or we can make our life miserable. We have the Power and Presence within us to make and live that decision.

If we hurt another, we are hurting ourselves for we are all truly One. It works the other way too. If someone harms us in any way, they are harming themselves. The consequence of their action may not show up right away. We don’t have to see it to know it will happen. It is part of the Law of Cause and Effect. Knowing this we can be free of the wish for revenge. This enables us to live our lives in peace and serenity.

We don’t have to hold hate in our heart, or think about revenge, because the Law of Cause and Effect is always in action. It is God in action. What the other person did will come back to them in one way or another. We can release it all and not give it another thought. What a freeing feeling that can be. We can prove this Law by living our life in integrity. We can walk in love, beauty and ease or we can walk in sadness, bitterness, misery and struggle. It’s our choice. We were given free will even before we were born.

Affirmation: I live my life in honor and integrity knowing that God’s Law of Cause and Effect is always in action.

Gail Manishor

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