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Dear Friends,

I am now working on my 2nd book. I write on a subject that interests me. Self-doubt is something that I have worked through all my life. Finally I have come to the realization  that everyone has their own doubts and concerns. We tend to think that everyone else has it all together and we’re the only one that doesn’t.  Not only is this not true for me, it is also not true for you. So I began to explore this subject and it has grown into what is on its way to becoming a marvelous book.

It is often the case that we think we’re just not good enough, not smart enough, too shy, that we don’t fit it and on and on. We all have these self-doubting thoughts run through our mind.

I am asking friends and various people I talk to if they would like to share their feelings with me about their own doubts and fears. I take those feelings of not being good enough of not doing everything perfect, of not being able to handle a situation when it comes up and show how to be more confident and comfortable with the fabulous person you already are. Many have stepped forward to share their issues with me and together we are coming up with what I believe is needed and desired by so many of us. That is that we are truly magnificent right here and now.

Writing is a journey. I now have 130 pages of material which needs refining and integrating. I believe it’s coming along well and I am very excited to soon able to share this wonderful book with you, my readers.

Gail Manishor, Author of From Here to Serenity, A Spiritual Guide to Transform Your Life

Gail is now a “Diamond Level Expert Author” on EzineArticles.com

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Gail’s latest Article is:

Insecurity, I Don’t Fit In


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