Pray Rightly

Excerpt: From Here to Serenity, A Spiritual Guide to Transform Your Life
Author: Gail Manishor

Praying rightly is not begging, pleading or bargaining with God. It is not “God, if you do this one thing for me, I will do something for you.” God already has everything It needs. Prayer is aligning ourselves with God knowing the Truth that God is the only Power.  God does not care if we pray, we are the ones who benefit from this communion with God. This means when we think rightly, live in integrity, pray knowing we will receive, our prayers are always answered.

All prayers are acceptable to God. However, praying rightly is using affirmative prayer. The following is a five step prayer that affirms what you are asking God for. Use your own words and make your prayer personal. “It is done onto you as you believe.” Pray until you know deep within that your prayer is already answered.

Step 1: Recognition.
It is recognizing and acknowledging that God is present. Say, “God Is Love, Peace and Joy.”

Step 2: Unification.
God is expressing as you and living in and through you. Say, “I am One with God.”

Step 3: Realization.
Affirm the truth of what you want. “I am now in perfect health.” Or “All credit card bills are now paid in full and they stay that way.”

Step 4: Thanksgiving.
Give thanks for the answer to your prayer. Even before we ask, all prayers are answered in the perfect way. Say, “Thank you God.”

Step 5: Release.
Release your prayer to God in faith knowing that it is already answered. Say, “I release this prayer into the Law and I let it be, and so it is. Amen.”

Following is an example of an affirmative 5 step prayer:

Step 1: There is One Infinite Eternal Spirit, a Divine Being, God, and It is everywhere present, in through and around everyone and everything in this Universe. It is our Creator and Our Source. There is One, there is no other power.

Step 2: And I am One with It, One with the Power and the Presence that lives in and through me, as me.

Step 3: I know that I am loved by God, and that God is indwelling in me as me and in this great Love the healing power of God is flowing
through me, healing me at this very moment. I know that every cell, every muscle, every tissue of my body is now healed.

Step 4: I am so grateful to God for this healing. I give thanks that the Law is always working.

Step 5: I release this prayer into the Law, and I let it be. And so it is. AMEN

Affirmative prayer is not meant to be a “formula” prayer. It is a guide to help us pray rightly. Once it is understood as a means of acknowledging the power and presence of God and our oneness with God we will be guided to pray in any way we wish. Know that we are One with the One Power and Presence and that what we affirm is already done.

God can do no more for you than God can do through you. God helps those who help themselves. Pray on anything and everything. Nothing is too insignificant. God’s not too busy for you. God knows what you need and the answer is already in place. All you need to do is accept it. God works through you to accomplish your goals.
You are God’s hands and feet. Pray for the guidance and wisdom to help you move toward your goals. Never complain or whine, always praise and bless everything and everyone.

Many people ask, “Why are our prayers not always answered?” Prayers are always answered; however, there is a but. An example could be that you are praying that a loved one will recover from a serious illness. That soul may be ready to go back to God. He are she may have made an agreement before its birth to accomplish a certain thing before it makes its transition (death). It’s not our decision to make. The Divine plan for this soul may not be our plan, but it is always the right plan. Therefore, when we pray for something, always include that it be in God’s perfect plan and timing and not your own desire. If you love this person, you will want what’s best for him or her and not for yourself. If a loved one is in severe pain, he or she may be hanging on to life out of sheer will-power. This soul could be staying
for your sake although he or she may wish to go on. At this point you may with love and compassion give him permission to move on. It is his life and not yours. Allow him to break free of the bonds of your love and your need and release him to his highest good.


I pray in deep faith knowing that before I ask, my prayer is already answered. As I believe, so it is.



Inner Peace


MaMa Hummingbird on Nest


Photo by DeLynn Hood            

Most parents try to be and give to their family everything that they themselves did not experience from their own parents. They struggle to give their family what they did not have. We all have tried to do that with our own children. You can succeed in some areas, but it’s impossible to succeed in all.            

We all keep trying to improve ourselves and our lives as we learn and grow. Think how wonderful it is to be able to be at peace so completely and to have let go of any feelings of discomfort that are left over from a previous marriage or relationship.            

This is an important lesson I would like to share with you. While I never had hate for anyone through my divorce, I was not quite completely comfortable either. I have worked for peace and joy throughout the years. It wasn’t easy, but finally at long last I have attained that peace I have wished for and worked for all of my life. I am now fully relaxed and can be my authentic self wherever I am. I don’t have to try anymore. I just am. I am so grateful for that blessing. Life doesn’t stop when you reach a certain age. Age has nothing to do with it. Age is really not important because we are eternal beings. I can now say that I feel comfortable and at ease in my own skin, as they say. This is one of the greatest triumphs of my life.            

“That’s great for you”, you might say. “But how can I attain that peace and that attitude?” I’ve come to realize more deeply than ever that we are all One in God. We are all expressions of the Creator. There are no barriers between us. Through study, meditation and prayer you can find that peace and serenity you long for. As I wrote in my first book, it takes perseverance and it depends upon how much you want it. Are you willing to make the effort and do the work required?            

What you must do takes persistence and dedication.            

First – Read whatever spiritual and motivational books that call to you.            

Take classes and workshops designed to make you the person you want to be.            

Study, learn and live the life. Walk the talk – meaning live your life in integrity. Do the right thing whether it is small or large. There is no big or little in the One Mind. This is a 24 hour 7 days a week job.            

Did I say it was easy?            

You may have heard all of this before, but it doesn’t make it any less true. That’s okay. Maybe the way I say it will resonate with you.            

Meditation is sitting in quiet contemplation and listening for the still small voice within.            

Prayer is praying rightly. It is in believing that your prayer is already answered before you even ask. It is not by begging, pleading or bargaining with God that you can attain the peace you want. It is by asking, knowing it is already given that you become the master of your life.            

If you are willing to do the work, you will reap the rewards.         

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