Sometimes bad things happen. There is bad in the world. Who can deny it? This life and all that happens in it is an illusion. We are spiritual beings walking a human existence. Evil is not a living entity. It has no power in itself. It is caused by the ignorance, superstition and wrongdoing of man.

In his inspiring book The Pathway of Roses, Christian Larson says “When you see evil, do not become indifferent; proceed at once to add to the good; when the good is on the increase evil is on the decrease.” This is such a beautiful thought I cannot help but dwell on it. The more loving kindness we give and receive, the more good there is in the world. It means we can do something to dispel evil, and that is by seeing good and by doing good. We do not fight against it because what we resist persists.

There is a feeling and a knowing deep within each one of us that good overcomes evil. When we shine the light of truth on evil and wrong thought, good will come forth out of the darkness and shine its light on us and our world. “I will fear no evil, for thou art with me.”
Affirmation: I know that God’s Love is all there is and I stand in the Light of God’s Love at all times.

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Same Rainbow

Same Rainbow




Instead of naming it a problem, which has a negative connotation to it, we can call it a challenge or a project. Life is filled with issues. It’s part of life. Difficulties or challenges seem to come when we least expect them. We sometimes ask “Why Me? Why Now? Haven’t I had enough problems for one lifetime?” When we go through the hard times, we can compare it to Jesus being forced to carry his own cross, or Moses wandering in the desert. We can look at these challenges as cleansing rituals. They purge us of our cosmic impurities and prepare us for a greater life. We are here to accomplish something, to learn and to grow spiritually. When challenges are thrust upon us, we can know that God has already given us all the strength, power and wisdom we need to get us through them and to come out of each crises stronger than we were before.

Know that when we’re in the dark, there is a reason for the darkness. We need that growing time. There is a perfect timing–God’s timing. I call it Divine Timing. While we’re waiting for the light to come, we are trusting, knowing the truth. Accept what is. As we accept what is, peace and joy are inevitable.

When we view the problem or challenge as a project, it give us a different perspective of the situation. If it’s a project, it means there’s a way to go about making the project have a successful outcome.
In a recent sermon Rev. Dr. Christian Sorenson said “A problem is an opportunity and not a roadblock. It is an opportunity in which we can use our self to create our dream.”

He also said, “When an obstacle comes up, “Don’t take your eye off the vision. Let them (obstacles) be a launching pad for your vision.”

Above all, stop giving energy to the negative, to the problem. Think on the solution instead. Be assured that your life will turn around.

Maya Angelou said, “He would not have carried me this far to let me down now.

Affirmation: I know that whatever happens, God means it for good, and I now place my trust in the Divine Presence. I have the strength and courage to go on. There is a brighter day ahead for me.

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Be A Light in This World


Photo by DeLynn Hood

“A divine force flows out from me into the world.
All I encounter are touched by the divine spark within me.”

Julia Cameron, Blessings

The real Self is…the place where God comes to a point of
Individualized and Personified Expression.
“I am the light of the world.”

The Science of Mind, page 332

Recently I went to a Minister and Practitioner Graduation. The theme song the choir sang was Light of the World. Since that time I haven’t been able to get those words out of my mind and many times during the day I find myself singing the words to myself–“Light of the World, Light of the World, you were born to be the Light of the World…” This morning I woke at 3 a.m. realizing that most of us don’t know the full extent of the truth about ourselves. We have forgotten that each and every one of us is The Light of the World.

Everyone needs a Practitioner at one time or another. Ministers and Practitioners have their own Practitioner who they work with when they are in a place of turmoil. When we are in a place of need, any and all of us can call a Practitioner to help us get back on track. We all must realize and know that we can find the Light within ourselves.

The answer to all of our questions and needs lies within. We have all the help we will ever want or crave. All of us have all of the wisdom, all of the love, all of the peace we could possible want or need for Spirit is always within us. We are born with it. God will be with us to the end of the world and even after that.  


I have all the inspiration I will ever need for I was born to be the Light of the World.

Gail Manishor, Author of
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