COCO’s Missing


I came home from a class last Saturday to find our Coco was missing!

What to do? We started walking the neighborhood (Bill and I). We had finally given her the freedom of the backyard and somehow she got out. We asked everyone we passed and no one had seen her. No! She didn’t have a collar. I was mentally kicking myself all over the street. Bill got in the car and drove around and around. No CoCo. We left the front door and the back door open all day in hopes she would come home. How far can a little cat go? We kept hoping she would come back. But she didn’t and I went to bed in tears. I kept getting up and going downstairs and NO CoCo.

I got up during the night to see if she’d come in, No CoCo. She is a very sociable cat and loves people. Bill was afraid someone would keep her. “She’s gone,” he said.

When I got up on Sunday morning and no CoCo. then I turned on the lights and she came running in the backdoor. She was starving. We decided she is now a house cat. It was fine for two days and then she became quite unbearable.

What would you do? I prayed. I kept saying, I know God will bring her back to me and I pictured her in my arms. God did.

We went to Pet Smart and bought her a feminine little pink collar with a bell on it and a pink heart-shaped tag with her name  and phone number on it. Then we released her to the backyard.

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Further Adventures With Coco the Cat


There’s always more to learn about cats. That’s what makes them so much fun.

The other day my Garden Angel brought over a package of cute little toys for Coco (including some balls with bells in them and little mice with catnip in them (which she loves). She’s now decided it’s more fun to fetch the mice than the balls. She bats them under something. I think there are now at least 3 mice under our refrigerator

The above picture is Coco getting ready to pounce on those feathers above her. She thinks it’s a bird but I think it’s me she’s thinking about pounding on.

She is a delight and so sweet and so pretty. However, she’s biting me till the blood runs. She doesn’t know she’s hurting me. She’s a baby.   So what do we do? We’ve tried all the suggestions.  She’s a cat and we’re having quite a challenge with her. You name it, I’ve tried it: Bitter spray, spray bottles with water, blowing in her face, distracting her, playing with her until I’m worn out, giving her time-outs, and giving her treats when she’s good. It’s not working.

I think we now have the answer. A friend told me about a collar that calms cats.  It’s in a purple and yellow package, has pheromones and lavender in it that calms cats. I brought one home and put it around her neck. She acts like she doesn’t even know it’s there. She is now the sweet and cuddly kitten I wanted from the beginning. She now even cuddles up with me when I take an afternoon nap and I love it.

I thank Spirit for this very cute and now cuddly ball of fur.

Share with me some of your cat adventures.

Gail Manishor, Author of
From Here to Serenity, A Spiritual Guide to Transform Your Life


Poor Kitty

Gail Manishor, Author of
From Here to Serenity, A Spiritual Guide to Transform Your Life

Below  is a picture on the Ragdoll Website and underneath is our Coco. You see – I told you she is a Ragdoll, didn’t I?


An update for  cat lovers

To those who aren’t cat lovers, please check this Blog in a few days.

After the discovery that Coco was “in heat” and we had waited too long for spaying her:  Coco was spayed on Wednesday. It was pretty traumatic for all of us in the family including Coco. We picked her up on Wednesday afternoon. She seemed miserable and just wanted to sleep. I followed all the instructions to the letter. She was to be kept in a small room for two days. We were to keep her from running or jumping. Have you ever tried to keep a cat from jumping? There is no way!

Coco 6 weeks

Freedom at last! We allowed Coco to come out of the small room.

Coco has reverted to biting. She knows we took her to the vet and she is mad at us.

This too will pass.

What has all this to do with Blessings? Coco is another Blessing in my life.


Coco - OH! No!

Houston, We Have a Problem

We had two wonderful angels  taking care of Coco while we were away in Mendocino – Aunt Kelly and Aunt DeeDee. We talked to both of them while we were away. They both said she was just fine. They kept a diary for me to read when we got home as to how Coco’s day went. It’s very cute and had drawings and everything on it.

We walked into the house and right away Bill said, “She’s changed!” She saw us and immediately fell on her side, rolled on her back and wanted us to rub her tummy and so we would pet her. But – She didn’t want to fetch the ball for Bill anymore. Bill was very disappointed. I sat down on the sofa and she came up and kissed me on the face. Very sweet, but not like her. She was so over the top affectionate.

I finally figured it out. Our cute little kitten is in HEAT!! Oh! Noooo! If you’ve never been around a cat in heat, you’re very lucky. I found out we have to wait till she is out of heat before we can spay her. We also found out that there’s only a 2 to 3 week amount of time before she goes back into heat. This is definitely not fun, guys… We are absolutely panicked that she might get out and get into “trouble.” You know how young people are these days.

I know we’ll get through this. It’s just a matter of time. Right. This is one of those adversities I talk about in my book.

Gail Manishor, RScP, Author of

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Coco, One of a Kind!


Coco @ 10 weeks

There once was a kitten we named Coco

Now we call her Ohoh! Here she comes!

Don’t get scared that’s the end of my poetry.

I have to share Coco’s latest feat. This is no ordinary cat. Her most extraordinary cuteness, is not to be understated by her superior intelligence. What’s so great about her you may ask. She fetches. I’m not kidding. I didn’t know cats would do that and at 12 weeks.

Bill started it all when he picked up her ball and rolled it on the floor to encourage her to chase it. She not only chased it, she picked it up, walked back down the hall to Bill and put it down at his feet!!!  She repeats this over and over for as long as his strength holds out. She will now fetch for me but I don’t last as long as Bill does.

We are having a great time with our kitten. She is calming down and is more fun that I could ever imagine.

What a sweet expresion of  God she brings to our home.

Gail Manishor, Author of
From Here to Serenity, A Spiritual Guide to Transform Your Life


No! No! Coco

In my desire for a new kitten I had forgotten something important. Kittens bite!  I looked up “kittens bite” on the internet. It turns out that’s what kittens do.

Kittens being baby cats are a lot of work. I was thinking cute and cuddly. She is cute and cuddly but she is also mischievous, scratches and bites. What’s a mother to do? Bill and I went over to PetSmart and PetCo and bought several toys home: a mat that lights up when the cat steps on a spot; a toy that stands up & has feathers & things to bat; a pup tent that lights up in the dark with purple balls in it; a ball with a mouse face & furry tail, some kitten treats etc. etc. They promised we could return what she didn’t like them.

The mat that lights up was a real flop, she couldn’t care less. The toy that  has feathers to bat fared the same. The pup tent with sparkle balls was a major success. She loves it and the mouse ball with the furry tail. The organic kitten treats did not excite her at all.

I checked the internet and was advised that cats don’t like to walk on aluminum foil and it will keep cats off tables and counters. Coco loves aluminum.

We are not deterred. Here is another picture of Coco.

 Coco’s mother,

Gail Manishor,
From Here to Serenity, A Spiritual Guide to Transform Your Life


More on Coco


Gail Manishor, Author of
From Here to Serenity, A Spiritual Guide to Transform Your Life

Rescued from Tijuana Coco is now 10 weeks.  She just had her 2nd shot. Kittens are a lot more work than I remembered. But she is well worth it.

She was scratching me and I had to trim her claws and put the claw protectors on. It wasn’t easy. If you don’t know about these, they are an alternative to “declawing,” which I have discovered is very cruel. Declawing is now frowned upon and rightly so. Claw protectors are glued on and hardly show. I bought some pink glittery ones and she looks very pretty and doesn’t seem to notice them at all.

I soon discovered that Coco is very smart as well as adorable, sweet and lovable. I sound like a proud parent. Don’t I? She is now an important part of our family.

On the adoption paper it says Coco is a Blue Point Siamese. But on Saturday (when Julie down the street came over to give Coco her shot) Julie said Coco is a Ragdoll. Ragdoll’s were bred from Siamese and Burmese and named because they will hang on your arm as limp as a Ragdoll. They have blue eyes and are highly intelligent, gentle, and delightful pets. Who would have thought that we would get this beautiful kitten from a rescue in Tijuana.

Coco 10 wks


Gail & Coco